Marks & Spencer

When retail giant, Marks & Spencer, was planning its latest distribution centre in Castle Donington, the company’s Plan A initiative was the driving force in determining how the building would run with maximum efficiency.

The 92,000 square metre carbon-neutral facility, which at the time of completion was the UK’s largest dedicated e-commerce warehouse, distributing two million clothing and home products a week direct to customers.

Designed for the specific purpose of heating large spaces, active solar technologies such as the Transpired Solar Collector (TSC) can transform the fabric of a building’s southerly elevation into a giant solar collector by capturing the sun’s energy which is then used to pre-heat fresh, outside air before it is drawn into the building’s heating system, considerably reducing the building’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Through the successful adoption of the SolarWall technology by household names such as M&S, Jaguar Land Rover and Royal Mail, the system is fast gaining a reputation as the most efficient solar technology on the market.

In addition to the use of CA Group’s TSC technology, a number of other sustainable measures were adopted in the delivery of the project for Marks & Spencer at Castle Donington. CA Group’s Twin-Therm built up roof and wall system was selected due to the fact that it provides a fully-walkable cost effective solution which offers a high degree of flexibility and exceptional air tightness levels

The exterior of the building features pre-finished steel, which has been optimised to provide maximum corrosion resistance and comes with a 25-year guarantee.

The new distribution centre has been rated Excellent by BREEAM and recognised with an EPCA certification. It is set to open later this year.